_DSC0035ARE YOU: 

ON the edge of a big change?

READY to make a significant impact?

WILLING to see how big you truly are?

ABLE to imagine waking up each day excited 
about the life you get to live?

If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

The coaching and consulting team of GumTree is a haven for individuals seeking authentic expression – those on a mission to live their unique gifts without compromising their whole life balance or their sense of humor.

We know how to do this, because we’ve been through it ourselves.

When you create a life based on the authentic facets of who you are, it’s good business for everyone.

We don’t tell you WHAT to do, we help you discover HOW to do what you have always wanted to do.

The call to change is actually freedom knocking at your door.

And sometimes change isn't enough.

Sometimes you may desire a full-blown revolution. 

“I thought you should know (in case you hadn't heard in a while) that you are
 making progress on your revolution. My life is changing in such wonderful 
and rich ways that it is spreading out now beyond me too. 
You are changing the world Stephanie. Your commitment to do so is working. 
I love being part of your revolution!” Carol, Santa Cruz, CA 

Whether you desire to work with one of us individually, 
in a coaching group program or in your own self-guided program, 
collectively we've been facilitating powerful change in hundreds of individuals
since 2005. 

We are here to help you answer the call to change in a way that suits you, now. 

"NOW WHAT?” is our specialty. 

We have many ways to support you on your journey to your extraordinary.

And, if you're still in the land of maybe, click on any of the circles to the right to gain more clarity…