About Us

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Director of GumTree

Stephanie has been a Master Change Agent since 1997 in the multi-faceted roles of Human Resource Director, Certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula; and since 2005, as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach and graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program. She is an expert in supporting busy women professionals and moms who want to create a revolution from the inside out – into their community and beyond. With a passion for authenticity, she supports women in stepping out on their own, redefining their current rules, roles and responsibilities so they are able to live and work with more confidence, ease and fun no matter what is happening around them. Stephanie’s clients typically report  experiencing more profitability and professional impact, greater relationship fulfillment, an increased feeling of personal empowerment, as well as a deeper sense of peace and self-respect after engaging in The Whole Life Coaching process.

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Christin Myrick, Professional Coach

Christin is a sex and relationship coach, writer and facilitator who has the unique ability to dive deeply into the inner recesses of one’s truth to bring back the message of your soul’s contract and purpose. Creator of The Heart of Intimacy, she creates communication and deep intimacy by utilizing a combination of coaching, teaching and her own highly accurate intuitive gift. She believes that you are already whole, beautiful and connected; it is simply a matter of remembering it that will change your sex and your life. Playful, insightful, intuitive and fun, Christin is the bridge between sex and soul. Sacred sexuality meets the instruction manual for women who recognize their yearning for closer connection on every level.


Amy Magyar, Certified Performance Coach and Resume Specialist

Amy Magyar is a dynamic Life Coach who inspires her clients to design and live an authentic life where focus, clarity, harmony and energy become sustainable. One way Amy provides support is through her resume creation business, Write Strengths. Through the resume writing process, she brings powerful insight, individualization, playful humor and a grounded presence to what can be a difficult experience. The benefits of having a Life Coach write your resume along with you are endless! Experience an increase in your self-confidence, awareness, and your own ability to see your strengths so that when it becomes time to write those accomplishments, it can actually become a thrilling adventure instead of a tough task.  Amy will help you see and share what you are capable of with the world. Because you have the  write experience, the write strengths, you are capable of creating the write resume.


Lisamarie Wand, MBA

Lisamarie combines her natural healing abilities with her love of learning. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Lisamarie is a serial entrepreneur and has owned multiple businesses with six-figure profit levels in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing and Real Estate. This specialized combination of spirituality principles and life skills provides clients with a powerful mix of leading edge personal and business success joined with the highly effective secret weapon of quantum energetic healing.