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“I would definitely rate the value of our coaching as a 10! I needed to be held through some dark emotions, supported through building both a business and my confidence; and loved as the bright light I am. Stephanie did all those things for me. Today I am more confident, mature and a whole woman ready to go out in the world and kick some ass!”

-Christin M., Men’s Consultant, Boulder, CO

“I’m living from a standpoint of greater clarity. My goals are well-defined and I look at each day as a gift.”

Jenn H.  Musician, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Hoop Dancer and all-around Creative, Walla Walla, WA

“I was truly bereft when I met you. Your coaching helped me move past the deepest blocks to my progress: fear of acknowledging and acting on my personal truth. For the first time in my life I was hearing a genuine invitation to seek my deepest needs and desires. You encouraged me to acknowledge my truth and then supported me while I acted on it.  You have so many strengths to offer that I have benefited from: Silent witness, fierce holding, loving perception, hard-earned wisdom, courageous “pushing”, staying true to what you know, supportive encouragement, generosity with your time… and so on. Extremely validating to who I truly am and what I uniquely have to offer.  You helped me take full responsibility for how I my life goes from here to the end. And I thought you should know that you are making progress on your revolution. My life is changing in such wonderful and rich ways that it is spreading out now beyond me too. You are changing the world Stephanie. Your commitment to do so is working. I love being part of your revolution! You are such an awesome Being, and the work you are doing is profound. ”  –Carol B, Santa Cruz, CA

“Stephanie, at risk of sounding like a broken record…Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU for helping facilitate my second adulthood!”

Teri C., Case Manager at Minnesota AIDS Project, Minneapolis, MN


“I cannot believe the territory we have covered in coaching. What started as a request to help me “retire gracefully” has turned into a life changing journey through completely unexpected—yet delightful—twists and turns. I wouldn’t have missed this ride for anything! Own my own business? Go on a vision quest? Go for coaching certification? Write a book? Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered these possibilities on my own!I have always felt that you were there with me, cheering me on, providing powerful metaphors to remind me of ways of being, of where I am going, and options to handle my inner critic. We’ve been through many highs and lows, and I could always feel you walking alongside me.  Without a doubt, I would rate the value at a 10 – stellar co-active coaching, dancing in the moment, allowing me to set the agenda, insightful and powerful questions, and abundant intuition. You helped me to welcome previously unthinkable endeavors.” – Robin Anderson, author of Reclaim Your Power! Become who You were Meant to Be, New Mexico


 “I’ve learned to speak my truth! Your four classes were worth more than four months of therapy. 10+!!” 

 – Multi-media Artist, State College, PA

See what is possible for you.

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“Thank you!  My life is on a new path, once shrouded in mist with lots of obstacles, the path is now open, sunny and limitless. Wow! What changes!  Thanks for walking the path with me.” 

Sue S., Co-Active Coach, PA



“Stephanie is very open, supportive, and strong. She helped me see through a more healthy lens and better evaluate and be sensitive to what is around me and happening to me and what I am letting happen to me. I know better what I can control and can see better now.” – Philadelphia, PA

“When I first started working with Stephanie I was very tired, I had back ache, neck ache, was overweight and generally very unhappy despite having an extremely successful career in management consulting as a psychologist (I worked in London, New York and Dubai and had a 6 figure income) and a lovely home which I had bought and done up myself, lots of friends and a great family. It just didn’t add up. I met a colleague who was training to become a life coach and she recommended a company to me that Stephanie worked for. She told me all about coaching and what it involved and it sounded like just what I needed; forward focused, self driven, proactive and a challenge. I interviewed a few coaches but Stephanie was the one I felt most comfortable with almost immediately. She just got me and knew how to push me (or as I now know how to help me let go).” – London, UK

“Stephanie, having had you as my coach has helped me to become  more empowered; more accepting and acknowledging of myself; more in tune with my intuition. Your ability to both be present and loving while being focused and productive is really unique.” – M.H., PA

I wish I had found it [Whole Life Coaching] sooner. Changing lifetime habits take time. I know you can’t buy happiness but I feel with Stephanie somehow I do.” – Helen, London, UK

“You are incredibly insightful and powerful.  I love your questions and how you go after it in people, pull them out, and make them look at it.” – Katrina K., Mother and Speech Therapist, OR

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 “I met my original objectives and found new ones! I thought my job, family and friends were perfect and it was my health that was the issue. It turned out my job was causing the stress I was feeling and I have totally re-engineered my life so I am now a successful interior designer working for myself. My health has improved dramatically, I do yoga all the time now and eat healthily – I think I have lost around 14lbs in weight as a result. My relationships with my family are more honest, supportive and open. My friendships have changed as I discovered many of my friends weren’t all that supportive of my changes as it threatened our social norms but I have a new crowd of amazing creative people that I love being with. I now also have a 4 month old puppy who has changed my life and ensures my days are full of play time, love and cuddles. I have found there are some underlying themes through my work with Stephanie; self care, putting my health first, then play then work and creating space to allow new things to arrive in their own time – trust and patience. I have new objectives in that I now feel ready to explore finding and building a more intimate relationship with someone very special but my view on that has changed in that they would be a star amongst the many I have surrounding me now rather than the one thing I am missing (or at least society would have me believe I am missing).” – London, UK

“The progress I’ve made is huge! Taking care of myself is now a priority.  I have much more control over my life than I’d realized!”  -Teri C., Mother and AIDS counselor, Michigan

“I love the opportunity this class provided. I have become more aware of myself, and less fearful of what others think of that self. I feel strong in that knowledge and excited to explore it further.” – PA

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 “The progress I’ve made as a result of this class is significant. I’m feeling stronger, more powerful, more in charge, can just TASTE my goal.” –Virginia B., Interior Design Artist

“You are amazing Stephanie. I had no idea what we were going to do today, yet I am taking away a new found feeling of leadership for myself.” – Tom Lange, MI

“I’ve come further on my path of becoming me- discovering me.”– Liz C, Midwife

“Had you described the process in the beginning, it would have been unimaginable.  My life is so amazing and it’s all been in me all along!” – Kathleen, Professional Pastel Artist, PA

“Thanks so much for your support and encouragement and your occasional “bullying”. You have a gift. ‘Twas money well spent.” – Alexa, Women’s Studies PhD

“I learned not to be afraid to take up space and to listen to myself.” – PA

“I learned the power to believe in myself…and be me…to ditch the negative voices. I’m Psyched! Bring life on!” – Beth, Entrepreneur

“You have an amazing gift – you are a model for authenticity.” -Kelly Keefe, Yoga Instructor