Individual Coaching

If you tend to respond to your personal and professional challenges with the motto of just work harder, we have an easier and more effective way for you to create your next breakthrough. Individual coaching is where to turn when you are ready to design a life and business that nurtures your soul and gives back to those around you.

And it is where you will learn the life changing skill of


CDilley head shotA purposeful pause is typically the most underutilized tool for busy leaders. It takes confidence to stop when there is so much to accomplish.

However, nothing could be more supportive to your success.

When you take the time to reconnect to what matters most to you and to your soul regarding the work you do (or want to do) and the relationships you have (or want to have), success is imminent.

And when you capitalize on the power of the pause in relationships with professionals whose expertise it is to capitalize on your strengths, challenge your limiting beliefs and champion what is most important to you, your growth becomes exponential. This type of pause is an integral part of how The GumTree team shows up for you and your business.

Learn more about the Whole Life Coaching Process.

Make the choice for ease and support today by giving yourself three potent months of coaching with Stephanie and create the change that sticks in the life, love and career you deserve.