Master U

Because your business is not just your professional expression.

Your business is everything you decide to give your attention to in a day.


An Immersion Program for Growth-oriented Singles ready to master their personal fulfillment.

 You know who you are.

Your success has been wrapped up in succeeding through your career but the time has come (or maybe it’s been here for a while now) to focus on that illusive concept of love.

But who has time for such things?

And where to begin? 

There are two powerful motivators in human nature: the desire for love and success. But how each of us defines or achieves either is a personal matter. Chances are you most likely started your work life based in your own passion and joy (which was a wise choice since that’s where you find your most treasured gifts!). However, when your work stops fulfilling every need like it used to it might get lonely. When this happens, it’s time to follow your passions in the realm of relationship as well.

Master U will reconnect you with your own wisdom, teach you how to access your most authentic Self so you can bring it without apology and enjoy your interactions with the people in your life those you know now and those you want to find. It will help you place your feet firmly on the path of giving and receiving the love you have always wanted but maybe never believed you could have.

This course is dedicated to honoring your original inspiration for making the choices you’ve made because it will ask you to reconnect to your passions and actually use them rather than suppressing them. The lessons in group format will provide you with innovative working structures for success in relationship while holding firm to your authenticity. 

The Lesson Plan:

Module 1 (Weeks 1-6) Inner Mastery – Integrity in Self

  • Connect and listen to your inner love guru- Self with a capital S.
  • Ways to Relate- basic coaching skills guaranteed to improve your current relationships (and help you find new ones!)
  • Discover your core motivations
  • Unlock your key values and gain new tools for decision making
  • Manage your relationships to support your life instead of the other way around
  • Uncover what matters most to you as a leader of your life and how to engage others
  • Essentials and extremes in self-care and how to balance the two
  • Bust old beliefs about love and relationship – make the move from strive to thrive
  • Create concrete next steps for finding love and experience the positive impact you can have when you relate from your Self.

Module 2: (Weeks 6-12) Outer Mastery for once-Single Individuals – Taking it to the Street

  • Setting up the container for success
  • Communicating with your new partner
  • Moving through the challenges
  • Relationship growth – ethics and integrity
  • What now? Expansion tactics and considerations

There are several different options for getting into these transformative core programs:

Master U, Master Your Relationships | Level 1 | 


Master U, Master Your Relationships | Level 2 | 


If you’re still unsure if the Master U program(s) are for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss any of your concerns or questions.