What We Do

We know it can feel like a jungle out there at times.

We are here to offer you a zip-line.

Individuals who utilize our unique alchemy of masterful coaching, professional consulting and timeless wisdom gain a distinct advantage over those who choose to go it alone or who are not as discerning when hiring their professional support team.

If you’ve never worked with us before, you may want to learn the top 3 powerful ways to coach yourself (which is available to you in the top circle to the right of this page) or perhaps you are interested in sitting in the shade of the GumTree and reading our tips and techniques to stay on track with your whole life success? If so, sign up for our newsletter Bloom.

Perhaps you are ready to take your business, relationships or idea to the next level? 

Check out our on-going Master U programs.

If your proverbial jungle is too thick to see what to do next, individual coaching might be for you.

Feel free to request a complimentary strategy session to determine your next Power Moves™.

Serious seekers can schedule here.

Whatever option you choose, be prepared to hold on for the ride as you begin to zip through old obstacles, mindsets and stories that have previously kept you trudging through the jungle.

It’s your time to soar!

 Get Unstuck, Get Real and Get Moving

Your clarity is the goal. Once your clarity has been regained, you can focus on the Power Moves™ that will get you back on track to success.

If you want your confidence to soar, your business or relationships to bloom, and your joy to increase, our self-study series, the Master U virtual university, informational tele-classes, resume writing services and one-on-one coaching packages give you optimal choices and opportunities to support your learning style as well as your big, juicy goals!



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The coaching and consulting team of GumTree supports leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and radical change agents committed to authentic, inspired and aligned action.