Women On The Edge

Transform your Relationship to Self, Work and Others

Has your most recent comfort zone been interrupted by an inner voice that whispers or shouts there is more for you to do?

More for you to become?

Whether it’s the next breakthrough or breakdown, you will emerge anew as you embark on the journey of change with an open heart.

 Join us for the 6-week coaching group that will help you clarify and create your next big leap.

You are a Woman on the Edge if you are contemplating or involved in big change in your work, your self or your relationships.


  • Regularly experience feelings of confusion, doubt, or frustration about what to do next?
  • Are sometimes caught off-guard by feelings of loneliness? (This is NORMAL. It is not very crowded out there on the edge. This makes for real moments of isolation at times. It is what you choose to do with the feelings that will make the difference for you and for those around you.)
  • Have grown out of your current life but can not see how to make the next phase happen?


  • More clarity, support and direction?
  • Connection with other edgy women?
  • A proven structure that supports you in creating what you truly want in your life?

You can experience a sense of peace as you move through your day, knowing you have your feet pointed in the right direction, moving forward in small easy steps on the path that serves you best.

A Woman on the Edge has a wise and tumultuous creative feminine force that:

  • calls her forth toward her greater Self;
  • asks her to give up her all-too familiar ways with only a promise of something more fulfilling and
  • requires her to embrace the uncomfortable unknown before she can reap the rewards of her efforts.

Despite how unsettling this soul-rattling call to change can be, when it comes your way, it’s wise to pay attention.

Your life will be better off for it. 

How can we be so sure? Our clients say it best.


“I’ve learned to speak my truth! Your four classes were worth more than four months of therapy. 10+!!” – Multi-media Artist, State College, PA

“I would definitely rate the value of our coaching as a 10! I needed to be held through some dark emotions, supported through building both a business and my confidence; and loved as the bright light I am. Stephanie did all those things for me. Today I am more confident, mature and a whole woman ready to go out in the world and kick some ass!” – Christin, Boulder, CO

“I feel like a totally different person. I never would have imagined that four weeks could have such an impact on my life! I am now taking control and not waiting around for change to take place.” – Jennifer R, PA

See what is possible for you.


“Thank you!  My life is on a new path, once shrouded in mist with lots of obstacles, the path is now open, sunny and limitless. Wow! What changes!  Thanks for walking the path with me.”-  Sue Seybert, Co-Active Coach, PA

“Stephanie is very open, supportive, and strong. She helped me see through a more healthy lens and better evaluate and be sensitive to what is around me and happening to me and what I am letting happen to me. I know better what I can control and can see better now.” – Philadelphia, PA

“When I first started working with Stephanie I was very tired, I had back ache, neck ache, was overweight and generally very unhappy despite having an extremely successful career in management consulting as a psychologist (I worked in London, New York and Dubai and had a 6 figure income) and a lovely home which I had bought and done up myself, lots of friends and a great family. It just didn’t add up. I met a colleague who was training to become a life coach and she recommended a company to me that Stephanie worked for. She told me all about coaching and what it involved and it sounded like just what I needed; forward focused, self driven, proactive and a challenge. I interviewed a few coaches but Stephanie was the one I felt most comfortable with almost immediately. She just got me and knew how to push me (or as I now know how to help me let go).” – London, UK

“Stephanie, having had you as my coach has helped me to become  more empowered; more accepting and acknowledging of myself; more in tune with my intuition. Your ability to both be present and loving while being focused and productive is really unique.” – M.H., PA

I wish I had found it [Whole Life Coaching] sooner. Changing lifetime habits take time. I know you can’t buy happiness but I feel with Stephanie somehow I do.” – Helen, London, UK

“I’m living from a standpoint of greater clarity. My goals are well defined, and I look at each day as a gift.” – Jenn H, Walla Walla WA, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and all around Creative

“I have always felt that you were there with me, cheering me on, providing powerful metaphors to remind me of ways of being, of where I am going, and options to handle my inner critic. We’ve been through many highs and lows, and I could always feel you walking alongside me.  Without a doubt, I would rate the value at a 10 – stellar co-active coaching, dancing in the moment, allowing me to set the agenda, insightful and powerful questions, and abundant intuition. You helped me to welcome previously unthinkable endeavors.” – Robin Anderson, author of Reclaim Your Power! Become who You were Meant to Be

   OUR SUCCESS RECORD (more client testimonials)

With the support of an experienced trail guide and a dynamic group of women also on their edge of adventure, you are invited to take part in an intimate group which will lovingly and systematically take you through the stages of change, the Journey of the Heroine.

If you don’t already know

  • what it means to be a woman on the edge,
  • what opportunities exist for you here,
  • what next steps are available for you to take right now before you make any leaps and
  • how to bring your own brilliance to this process of change.

Still unsure? The first call will give you a clear map you can use to:

  • co-create from where you are now,
  • honor your own timing
  • move into what you truly desire and
  • do it with your inner wisdom as the guide.

Sometimes demanding, always persistent in Her call for you to open, to grow, to receive your divine birthright as a powerful being of change; your inner Feminine force will be your inner trail guide, showing you which direction to go, which impulse to follow, which form to embody.

“When you’re at your edge, the whole world is at your feet.”

Learn more about registration for the online group. All calls will be recorded.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what past participants have to say about the process!

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC

Stephanie is a midwife to the talents and passions of the worlds’ most underdeveloped resource: women.

As a Certified Professional Coach in Boulder, CO with over 15 years of experience in women’s empowerment initiatives, her international private practice ignites the fires of freedom and creativity under entrepreneurial endeavors. She specializes in helping women discover what it is they truly want from themselves and get it.

Aside from completing coaching certification and co-active leadership training with The Coaches Training Institute, one of the most highly regarded and accredited coaching and leadership training programs in the world, Stephanie also is a professional member of the International Coaching Federation, the Denver Coaching Federation and is the proud Founder of WiNGs (Women’s Network Group of PA www.wngs.org). To stay informed of upcoming events, like us at www.facebook.com/GumtreeGrowth.

When Stephanie is not coaching women to relate from their core and live by their own rules, she is exploring her own edges through relationships, on and off her yoga mat or on the ecstatic dance floor in the foothills of Boulder, CO. She believes that women only improve with age and that radical self-care is the secret to the universe. Connect with Stephanie on Facebook or Twitter, join her local women’s group, Women on the Edge, or receive her monthly life leadership newsletter, Bloom, at Gumtree Growth. More testimonials and her professional manifesto can be found at The Whole Life Coach.