The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey:

Falls, Fears and Grand Finales


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We as a species, are in a deep and potent time
of transformation. 

As Women on the Edge, we find ourselves at the core of these radical times of change 
and called to draw deep into our reserves to meet the challenge - without losing ourselves-
or our sanity.

Basically, these tumultuous times call on us to realize exactly what we are made of
and require us to commit and claim exactly what we want

Learn the valuable model of the Heroine's Journey (called The Hero's Journey, 
by Joseph Campbell) and the power and pitfalls contained within this beautiful 
story. You will also discover how each of the six stages can be put to brilliant 
use in constructing your own model for change.

Week 1: The Call to the Edge

Week 2: The Threshold to Adventure

Week 3: The Road to Adventure

Week 4: The Primary Ordeal

Week 5: Flight and Return

Week 6: Celebration and Service

Included in this journey are moments of falling on your face and falling forward; 
fear of change, fear of failure and fear of getting exactly what you've always 
wanted; and then there's the Grand Finale where the Heroine comes out on top. 

Also included in this 6-week intensive journey is your own personal Trail Guide, 
equipping you with with maps, support and encouragement; all wrapped within a 
fierce love, calling your forth to your greatest Self - the Heroine within. 

This group has space for 10 8 self-selected women who are ready to dive
deep and come out on their leading edge! 

Put your self in the circle if this calls to you. 
Learning how to trust your gut and follow your intuition is one of the most crucial skills you can develop on this journey. 
Why not start now?